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Metro Shutdown 2019

Platform Improvement Project: May 25 - September 8

This summer, Metrorail service will be closed at six stations for major renovations on the Blue and Yellow Lines in Virginia. Plan ahead and learn about other ways to commute to work while these stations are affected. 

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Affected stations

All Blue and Yellow Line stations south of Reagan National Airport will be closed.

  • Braddock Road
  • King Street-Old Town
  • Eisenhower Ave
  • Huntington
  • Van Dorn Street
  • Franconia-Springfield

Learn More: Know the Details | Commute Options | Custom Assistance | Resources

Download the flyer with information on the Metro shutdown

Know the Details

If your destination is on a Metro line beyond Pentagon, travel to Pentagon Metro Station using the options listed below or via a shuttle and then continue your trip. You can also watch our location-specific webinar recordings for comprehensive commute options.

Free shuttle buses

Shuttle service is free to replace rail service. Express direct shuttles will be available to the Pentagon from Franconia-Springfield Metro Station and from Huntington Metro Station. 

Local shuttles will replace Metrorail in the affected area. Shuttle buses will run every five minutes during rush hours and every 10 minutes midday, except the Blue Line Shuttle, which will run every 10-12 minutes during midday. The Blue Line Shuttle will not stop at Braddock Road Metro. The Yellow Line Shuttle will not stop at Reagan National Airport.

Free metro station parking

WMATA is offering free parking at Huntington, Van Dorn, and Franconia-Springfield Metro Stations during the Platform Improvement Project shutdown. This will make connecting to other transit options easier from these stations.


Join or form a vanpool and use your commuter benefits to offset the cost of parking and leasing a van, and avoid paying tolls.

Slugging is the most affordable way to travel along I-95 and I-395 during rush hour and to take advantage of HOT- and HOV-lanes to access Crystal City, Pentagon City, and the Pentagon. 

The rideshare service Via now serves in Alexandria. Download the Via app and share the ride with other passengers traveling in the same direction as you for as little $3.65.

Starting the week of May 20, the City of Alexandria will be increasing rush hour HOV requirements on Washington Street to HOV-3+. HOV hours will occur from 6:00—10:00 a.m. and from 3:00—7:00 p.m.

Capital Bikeshare

Save 50% on a monthly or new annual membership between May 25 and September 8, 2019. Learn more to get your discount when you sign up through the Capital Bikeshare mobile app. 

Bike trails

The Mount Vernon Trail runs along the Potomac River to connect to Crystal City, Pentagon City, and the Pentagon, and can be accessed in Alexandria from the Eisenhower Avenue trail.

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Options at Impacted Stations

Click the destinations below to learn the best alternatives to commute to work. You can also plan your trip using WMATA’s Platform Project trip planning tool.

How to reach Crystal City during Metrorail closures:

How to reach the Pentagon during the Metrorail closures:

Shirlington access

The Shirlington Bus Station can be reached from the Pentagon by the following bus routes:

How to reach Pentagon City during the Metrorail closures:

  • DASH AT3 from Hunting Point/Braddock Road Metro to the Pentagon; connect to Blue/Yellow line to Crystal City
  • Metrobus 10A from Huntington
  • Metroway runs between Braddock Road Metro Station and Pentagon City Metro Station, with a stop at Crystal City Metro Station
  • OmniRide from Lake Ridge

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Custom Assistance for You

Keep your business running smoothly during large-scale disruptions with customized services by Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP).

Telework guide

Maintain business continuity with ATP’s complimentary assistance. Create and implement a telework plan for your company. We can also train your employees on how to maximize productivity outside of the office.

Vanpool formation

Help your team move through traffic without the hassle, and take advantage of HOV increases in Alexandria. Employees can use their commuter benefits towards the cost of leasing, parking, and maintaining a van, while saving on tolls. ATP helps create vanpools and matches your employees to existing vans.

Request a presentation

We can provide in-person presentations at your offices to highlight commute options directly for your employees. Check out our recorded webinars on location-specific options and fill out the interest form.

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