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Metro Shutdown 2022

Platform Improvement Project

From May 28 to September 5, 2022, rail service east of Sadium Armory on the Orange Line will be suspended as part of WMATA’s Platform Improvement Program. Passengers returning to Metrorail can look forward to a variety of improvements such as LED arrival displays, slip-proof tiles, brighter lights and walkways, and more. Learn more about WMATA's Platform Improvement Project here.

Affected stations

Five Orange Line stations eastof Stadium Armory will be closed.

  • New Carrolton
  • Landover
  • Cheverly
  • Deanwood
  • Minnesota Ave

Learn More: Know the Details | Commute Options | Custom Assistance | Resources

Know the Details

Learn about the disruptions and how to get around them on your commute into Arlington County. As the region's return to normalcy continues, it helps to stay up-to-date on transit travel requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. More transportation updates related to the coronavirus are here

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Options to travel between stations

Explore more options for essential travel commutes. This project will take place between May 28, 2022 through September 5, 2022.

Free Shuttle Service:

Free shuttle bus service will operate during all hours the rail system is open, with both express and local shuttle options:

Local Service operates every 15-20 minutes, 7 days a week during hours the rail system is open:

  • Local shuttle between New Carrolton, Landover, Cheverly, Deamwood, Minnesota Ave, and Sadium - Armory

Express Service operates every 10-15 minutes, 7 days a week during hours the rail system is open.

  • Express 1: Limited stops at New Carrolton, Landowever, and Stadium-Armory
  • Express 2: Limeted stops at Deamwood, Minnesota Ave,  and Stadium-Armory

Rail: No Orange Line service between Stadium-Armory and New Carrolton

  • Monday-Friday: Orange Line service will operate between Vienna and Stadium-Armory.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Orange Line service will operate between Vienna and Ballson-MU.
  • Customers should transfer to the Silvery Line as an alternative. 
  • MARC service at New Carrolton will not be impacted.

Regular fares apply to bus service offered by Metrobus and Prince George's County TheBus will continute to operate at the closed stations.

New Carollton

  • Metrobus F4
    • Service to Prince George's Plaza/Hyattsville Crossing, and Silver Spring stations.
  • Metrobus F6
    • Service to College Park-U of Md, Prince George's Plaza/Hyattsvilles Crossing, West Hyattsville, and Fort Totten stations. 
  • Metrobus F12
    • Service to Landover & Cheverly stations (closed)
  • Metrobus F13
    • Service Cheverly station (closed)
  • Metrobus F14
    • Service to Addison Road and Naylor Road stations.
  • Metrobus G12 and G14:
    • Service to Greenbelt station.
  • Metrobute T14 and T18
    • Service to Rhode Island Ave station
  • TheBus 16
    • Service to Greenbelt station
  • TheBus 21
    • Service to Lago Town Center/Downtown Largo Station


  • Metrobus A12
    • Service to Addison Rd, Capital Heights stations
  • Metrobus F12
    • Service to New Carrollton and Cheverly stations (closed)


  • Metrobus F1 and F2
    • Service to West Hyattsville and Takoma stations
  • Metrobus F8
    • Service to Prince George's Plaza/Hyattsville Crossing station
  • Metrobus F12
    • Service to Landover and New Carrollton stations (closed)
  • Metrobus F13
    • Service to New Carrolton Station (closed)
  • TheBus 18
    • Service to Prince George's Plaza/Hyattsville Crossin and Addiston Rd stations
  • The Bus 23
    • Service to Addison Rd Station


  • Metrobus R12
    • Service to Colle Park-U of Md and Greenbelt stations
  • Metrobus U7
    • Service to Minnesota Ave station (closed)
  • Metrobus V14
    • Service to Addison Rd station
  • Metrobus W4
    • Service to Benning Rd, Congress Heights, and Anacostia stations

Minnesota Ave

  • Metrobus U5 and U6
    • Service to Benning Rd Station
  • Metrobus U7
    • Service to Deanwood Station (closed)
  • Metrobus V2 and V4
    • Service to Capitol Heights, Anacostia Station, Potomac Ave, and Navy Yard-Ballpark stations
  • Metrobus V7 and V8
    • Service to Benning Rd and Congress Heights stations
  • Metrobus X2
    • Service to Union Station, Gallery Place, Metro Center, and McPherson Sq stations
  • Metrobus X9
  • Service to Capitol Heights, Union Station, Gallery Place, and Metro Center stations



Portions of the Park & Ride and Kiss & Ride lots at the five impacted stations will be closed to stage construction equipment and materials 
New Carrollton
  • The East Kiss & Ride lot and a portion of the West Kiss & Ride lot is closed through March 2022.
  • Buses on the east side of the station (bus bays A-F) relocated into the East Kiss & Ride lot.
  • About 375 spactes (25% of the lot) in the Park & ride lot are closed.


  • About 300 spaces (75% of the lot) in the Park & Ride lot are closed.


  • About 100 spaces (50% of the lot) in the Park & Ride lot are closed.

Minnesota Ave

  • The entire Kiss & Ride lot will close on May 28, 2022

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Custom Assistance for You

As our community continues its return towards normalcy, Arlington Transportation Partners can provide customized digital resources to help your business avoid disruptions during the Summer Metro Shutdown.

Understanding the commute

Discover the types of innovative transportation programs and benefits employers can implement to improve employees' commuting and workplace experience. Download the toolkit to learn more. 

Telework guide

Maintain business continuity with ATP’s complimentary assistance. Create and implement a telework plan for your company. We can also train your employees on how to maximize productivity outside of the office.

Flexible workplace guide

Determine which flexible workplace policies can work for your employees and learn the differences of flextime, compressed, and seasonal schedules. Download the guide today. 

Vanpool formation

Help your team move through traffic without the hassle, and take advantage of HOV increases in Alexandria. Employees can use their commuter benefits towards the cost of leasing, parking, and maintaining a van, while saving on tolls. ATP helps create vanpools and matches your employees to existing vans.

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