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Vendors of Approvable Displays 

The list below can be used by developers, construction managers, and property managers of properties with TDM for site plan requirements to assist in the development and facilities maintenance process. Any display that meets the Arlington County Transportation Information Display (TID) standards will be considered for approval.

This is a list of known vendors that produce approvable transportation information displays. This is not an exhaustive list of vendors that could produce approvable products, nor does it suggest that all of the products available from a vendor are approvable. This list does not constitute an endorsement for any particular vendor or any particular combination of required elements. This list will be updated periodically to include new approvable displays:

List of Vendors

Approvable option displays information on the entire screen without advertisements

  • Displays2Go
    Static Displays | 1-888-534-5128 |
  • Exhibit Edge, Inc
    Static Displays | 703-230-0000 ext.203 | | Call for quote 
  • Navigo TransitAccess
    Real-Time Displays | 800-652-4830 |
  • Redmon Group, Inc
    Real-Time Displays | 70-838-5461 |
  • Actionfigure
    Real-Time Displays | 202-688-5006 | 
  • The
    Real-Time Displays | 608-618-3833 | 


For More Information

Contact Eric Balliet to understand how your site can meet the Transportation Information Display requirement in Arlington County's Transportation Demand Management conditions of development, order neighborhood map files, and more.

Eric Balliet, Transportation Research and Site Plan Development Manager
Arlington County | 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 900 | Arlington, Virginia 22201
703.228.3370 |

Transportation information display examples

TID-still-display-1 TID-Screen-lobby-office-1 tid-screen-in-lobby-1 TID-in-residential-building-1

Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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