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Enhance Your Employees' Commute with Sustain & Save 

Introducing Sustain & Save

Sustain & Save is a new program created by Commute66 to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality along the I-66 corridor in Northern Virginia. Eligible employees can receive $100 per month* when they switch from parking in favor of a sustainable mode of transportation such as public transit, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, or biking. 

*Participating individuals receive $100 per month Sustain & Save incentive through June 2022, with possibility to extend based on funding.


Your Return to Work Toolkit

As you plan for your company's transition back to the workplace, Commut66 can help you cover all the angles and incorporate commutes into your strategies. Download the Return to Work Toolkit to ensure a successful comeback for your company.

Understand the Hybrid Work Model

Many employers are planning on encouraging a hybrid work schedule for a slow and gradual return to office. But what is a hybrid work model? What can be done to provide support for people to have a safe and manageable return to the workplace? Watch our Webinar to learn more.

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Return to Office: A Step by Step Look

Understand your employees' changing commute habits.

Commute66 provides a variety of services that can help your business transition back to the workplace smoothly and efficiently:


Surveys are a powerful tool to help you understand and prepare your workplace for the return of employees. Identifying changes in your employees’ commuting behavior can help you adjust policies or foresee any potential issues, such as parking shortages.

Flexible work arrangements:

As most companies plan for a phased return to the office, companies will be switching from primarily remote work to hybrid teams consisting of some people in office on certain days or for certain hours, and others working remotely. Incorporate agreements that detail when an employee is excepted on site and when they should be working remotely. Download our Flexible Schedule Guide in the resources below for more info.

Identify other potential needs:

Once you’ve surveyed employees and analyzed your needs with the support of Commute66, there are various services—carpool, vanpool, bike parking, and more— that you may want to put into place to help employees feel comfortable returning to the workplace. Download the complete Return to Work Toolkit in the resources section below to learn more.

I-66 Resources

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